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  • Hi Ian

    I am Having the same problem with the elevator control rod contacting the main gear cover
    can you let me know what method you used to bend it

    Hi Ian,
    I am learning to fly at Boonah in a Tecnam P92 Golf.
    The countryside is beautiful there and the plane is quite forgiving.
    I enjoyed the wind in your face and unobstructed view from the drifter but the Tecnam seems like a good craft to learn on.
    Flying around the Whitsundays would be great. Half your luck.
    Hi there Ian, your name etc was dropped via the rec aviation forum, I am interested in at some later time to drop into your area with my jab, and do the look about thing, chap Millard, intimated you have maybe, accom etc, so this memo is to touch base with you, and find out details,
    Hi... had a good flight with Mark Leethon in his Fuji...great weather and flight to North of Bowen via Hydeaway Bay, Dingo, Cape Gloucester, etc. Have you re-finished the Cab Sav?
    Hi Ian, Congratulations on completing your Cab Sav.
    We have bought 32 acres out of Bundy and hope to put a 4-500m strip and are looking at options of an aircraft to operate out of that distance. The RV9A I think will be a bit tight. I tried to locate the strip on Google but no luck. We are currently in Kununura WA but will be back to Bundy in a while. Will be home for the Wide Bay airshow in Aug. Cheers Mike
    Hi winsor68
    I still have to put the engine and wings on but it is getting very close! I'm off to perth this week but will certainly be in contact with matt when I'm ready to test fly.


    Hi Ian,
    I am gathering that your Sav is almost ready to fly... Good work. Matt's Flying Schools Sav S arrives at Palmyra on Thursday if you wanted to do a check ride...
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