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  • Hi Mark - it's been suggested that you may be able to guide me, in the selection of a supplier, for the purchase of a replacement 2SC1947 Q316 for my Icom transcever
    Hi Mark, when are you in Childers next? I’m over here now for a few days. Cheers mate, and a merry Christmas to you and wifey
    Hi Mark...mate, I feel like a rite Dick-head over those headphones.
    I couldn't believe it when Roger handed them to me and showed me what the problem was. Sorry Mark, can I compensate you for the time you did?
    Hi Mark, I've got a 'dave clark' head set that's not putting anything into one side. Its a bit too fiddly for me to attack, would you have a go at them if I was to send them down to you? Thanks in advance Cheers Davo.
    Mark, Have Sportstar/sl40 Garmin ,Significant ignition noise in both headsets, checked all earths,new voltage reg.Trim indicator lights also go out.Can you please help? can be contacted on or 0427 508305 or if had your contact would be happy to contact you. Regards Les
    I seem to remember something a little while ago about the Rotax ignition modules - was it you or someone else who was making them? As you will know the cost from Rotax is getting ridiculous and we seem to have regular failures on our side of the ditch. Can you supply the, and if so, at what cost?
    Hi Mark , are you the guy who make the perfect flap brackets for your Savannah ?
    Mark. I read about you finding these washers that were hidden for the mixing assembly. Do you have a pic of what they look like. I'm at this stage.
    Thanks Lyndon
    Mark took your advice and ordered a kit from Reg. Thanks, i caught up with Rick Frith who suggested that i consider building the aircraft under SAAA so that i could fly in CTA. Any thoughts?
    Just noticed that you have a lot of information about and experience on Savannah aircraft. I have completed my Nav and am looking to purchase my first aircraft. My goal is for my wife and I both about 65 kts to explore Australia. Would you recommend a Savannah?
    Gooday Mark
    A friend has asked me to look at a Vertex Standard VXA-150 Pro V. Transmits OK but won't receive. Some (very weak) carrier apparent but no discernible modulation. In your experience, is it worth sending it for repair, and if so, where would you recommend if you are not interested?
    Thanks for your help

    John Birrell
    Hi, I have an Icom A200, and broke the frequency selector knob,(clumsy passenger hit with his foot), removed the radio and took it into my local electronics guy who said yes the part is available but would have to be ordered from the states and would take a while. That was in April!Is this advice correct?
    Sorry for pestering you but I am getting pretty desperate.
    Cheers Peter
    Cobra Arrow, Goolwa SA
    Hi mark, By the way Ian and julie are posting a blog on the 'Whitsunday Aero Club ' site if you want to chat with them, or keep abreast of their progress. They also have a gallery of great photos that they have posted. Just click on the prompts at the top.........................Cheers Ross
    I am after a base antenna for my radio to use at home, what can you offer or any suggestion s for a simple solution.


    Dave B.
    Looking through your photos I see you have your battery box behind the seat, I am certain it MUST go in the door at the back on an XL or you will have weight and balance issues. I know the cables will be longer but I am sure that it will need to be moved.
    Cheers Steve Hunt
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