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  • Hi Don, I saw in a post you flew a B1rd, do you happen to know where there might be one laying around needing some TLC , be nice to have some spare bits, and any info on flight characteristics all my info is from the states and needs a checkout chick to translate it all, lol , cheers
    Hi Easty, I just saw your post July 12 then! Didn't know about this Message. Yeah, that's my Thruster. How does it look from the ground?
    Hi Don,

    Was that you flying your red/yellow Thruster with "25" rego 1000ft over our airstrip about 2 weeks ago. Tried calling on Goulburn 127.15 and Multicom 126.7
    Eventually departed to the west. To Currandooley?
    It was gusting to 20 knots. Could land if you know the strip well but still taking a chance. Currandooley would be better if that's where you're still flying from.

    Dear Bob, as I said, its good to see improvements in your prospects. This as you know wasn't a commercial message. I am caring for my dad who is 87 and suffering bad memory loss so we do it because we love them, eh? Best of luck, Don & Rhonda.
    Thanks for thinking of me Don, we hope by the middle of this year we will be in a better financial position to look at some sort of ownership.

    It has cost me far more than we thought to get my wife on the right track and i am sure i have purchased a few doctors their new BMW's with the fees charged. What do you do when it is your wife, you try to get the best for them.
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