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  • Hello Yen,
    I tried to send some info and it will not send as I had too much info.
    RAAus are getting out of control and I can not get any thing here as they are all a bit wise as to who I am.
    What is your email address:- I have lost it.
    hi Yenn , im interested in where you find rodds bay , we recently moved to the area and finding it hard to find anybody interested in lsa flying , we have visited hedlow and couple other airstrips in the area , been told they have an active ultralight bunch down there
    Sorry mate, I stuffed up here, trying to sort it out. not having any luck, my email is can you shoot your email over to me that way I know I can paste it to you, if the grandkids were here they would do it in a flash for me.
    Cheers Davo.
    Oh wow I finally found a Corby pilot!!!! I'm Adam, and I'd love to learn as much about the Starlet as I can!!! I want to build/buy one, its my dream machine! DO you know anyone with plans for sale, parts, etc?
    The more I learn about the Starlet the more I want one!!!!!!

    Hope to hear from you!
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