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  1. danny_galaga

    What are people using for rotax 912 instruments?

    I was thinking of using VDO as they are reasonably priced and for me having used to be an auto electrician they are a known quality. However I like the idea of having ‘green’ bands on the gauges and I see there is this alternative 2” gauge brand UL FLIGHT LINE 2 INCH OIL TEMPERATURE GAUGE from...
  2. danny_galaga

    bank or turn indicators?

    Just hunting around for future instruments and starting to feel a little lost when it comes to bank indicators! I think I'd want something that combined the slip indicator in it, and also be a 2 1/4" size. So far a couple of combo units have caught my eye. But this one looks alright: BELITE...
  3. danny_galaga

    19 and 25 rego numbers on plane

    I see that most 19 and 24 etc rego numbers are on the tail plane and thus fairly small. But the equivalent in the US canada etc are on the side of the fuselage and so quite a bit larger. Is there any legal reason you couldn’t put your 19 rego number on the fuselage side?
  4. danny_galaga

    Hangars rent or buy pros and cons?

    As per topic. I guess one of my main questions is that it seems you need to pay club fees to own a hangar which makes sense because those fees would go towards the airfields upkeep. But what if you are renting? I’d like to think it would be like renting a house- the tenant usually doesn’t pay...
  5. danny_galaga

    Soloed today

    Or more accurately, re-soloed. First time was 20 years ago in a Piper Warrior, about 22 hours. Life got in the way so here I am giving it a more concerted effort. This time in the more nimble Tecnam Golf, and 6.6 hours :chuffed::chuffed::chuffed:
  6. danny_galaga

    Reduction gear vs direct drive

    Seems to me the two big contenders for LSA are the Rotax 912 and the Jabiru 2200. What are peoples thoughts on the two? My own thoughts are these: Rotax 912 seems to have a great reputation for reliability and have quite a few years up their sleeves for fine tuning the design. Jabiru have had...
  7. danny_galaga

    Is this in the syllabus?

    So today we practiced engine failure in the circuit area. Also, because it was a little more blustery than usual, we did some cross wind practice. But before all that, we practiced something new- herding kangaroos off the runway while taxiing the plane :oh yeah: I will need to hone that skill...
  8. danny_galaga

    Question Rotax 912 alternator

    Just wondering how well the rotax alternator performs. I’m guessing the setup is similar to motorbikes in that the rotor is directly ly driven off the crankshaft. The advantage being no belt to worry about and also more compact. Disadvantage being harder to get to. Is the rotor brushed or...
  9. danny_galaga

    Wing material colour fade

    Just curious about fading of colour of fabrics used for covering. I know red in general is prone to fading. Flouro colours tend to fade too. However I have seen a colour described as ‘yellow’ that looks a lot like flouro yellow. Am I to assume that if it looks like flouro yellow then it is...
  10. danny_galaga

    What is this engine?

    Hi there. I joined a while ago. I came across this engine in an antique store and both the owner and I are stumped. I promised him I'd ask here. That was a while ago and since then I've been busy and then my computer decided to pretend that some websites don't exist anymore! In safari, this site...
  11. danny_galaga

    Question 3 axis ultralight flight training near Brisbane, Australia?

    So I learnt to fly in the 90's in a Piper Warrior but lately my childhood dream has reared its head and I'd love to try out ultralights. I'm interested more in 3 axis than weight shifting. So does anyone know of any places I can learn (or re-learn I suppose) that aren't too far from Brisbane? I...
  12. danny_galaga

    Greetings from Brisbane

    Hi, Greetings from Brisbane, Australia. I've just recently started thinking about my childhood obsession with ultralights. I learnt to fly on a Piper Warrior in the mid 90's and got as far as GFPT and one nav exercise. Then I sort of ran out of steam (and money!). Last year a had a few flights...