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Nov 15, 2009
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Hi Leena, There are scholarships etc for women & men, members and non-members through the Australian Women Pilots' Association (AWPA) Australian Women Pilots` Association Unfortunately they have closed. Applications for 2018 will be open from September 2017, close 31 Jan and be announced at the AGM end of April. Check each scholarship, as some have different closing dates and requirements. There may be something you can apply for in the future.

Unfortunately you have also missed the RAA Scholarships which closed 31 March Scholarships - RAAus RAA had an offer of "female prospective members to join RAAus during March and receive the value of their membership fee in flying lessons." during Women of Aviation Week (last month). Worth asking if it still applies in April.

Various flying clubs / schools offer deals or free flights from time to time. It's best to ring around to find out what is in your local area. You may find pilots willing to take you for a fly so you can observe what flying entails, so you are better prepared when spending real money getting formal instruction. You can start on the theory now. There are a number of good theory books around - try the Shop attached to this site "Clear Prop". There are also free tutorials on this site - go to Tutorials in the menu. Other threads have suggested good sites / books available free on-line. There's an "exam prep" course being advertised on this site too - worth a go.

Good Luck, let us know how you got on.